Monday, January 31, 2011

i'll admit a few things...

1- i forgot how to write blogs
2- in the past few months i have thought of deleting my blog (multiple times)
3- sometimes people are the worst
4- i will go see the justin beiber documentary
5- my new fish's name is amelia sophia
6- i prefer my journal rather than my blog
7- feist is the best
8- i'm absolutely head over hills for dane livingston egan
9- i love my job because my phone bill is $25
10- i think eating a grapefruit is classy


  1. you blogged! i missed you! you and dane are adorable...pretty sure it's time we meet him.

  2. It is about time!!!! Thanks for the updates - love your new fish.

  3. you blogged! feist is the best and I wish my phone bill was $25/month. can we meet dane?