Monday, November 9, 2009

a funeral for a fish

it is a sad day when you come home from work to no fish. yesterday my beloved, beautiful lucifer merlyn died. im ashamed to say i could have saved him. day after day i watched him struggle to swim and starve himself by not eating his fish food. i thought he'd pull through but on sunday i decided it was time for me to get him some medicine... the only problem was it was the sabbath. "just hold on one more night little lucy" i told him. this morning i awake to a dead fish. i tear up a little and then flush him down the toilet. goodbye lucifer. later this evening zachary and i hosted a wonderful funeral. we put a pebble from his bowl in a box and ashley (his godmother) and i wrote some touching speeches.
"Lucifer was a darling fish. He never caused any trouble in his bowl. Always ate his meals. And made the best roommate for Amy. Until Amy met lucifer she never had any friends. ButLucifer made Amy the most popular girl in town. Rest in peace Lucifer." --Ashley Call

Thanks for being there zach at this difficult time in my life :) what a sweetheart.

After a magnificent ceremony we gently tossed the box into the river. you will be missed merlyn. R.I.P.