Friday, August 14, 2009

classy women

what makes a classy woman classy? is it her intelligence? her grace? her style? perhaps, my friends, it is a combination of all 3 that make this woman magic. jennifer aniston, reese witherspoon, audrey hepburn, michelle obama, princess dianna, cinderella and all the way back to lesley hornby.
intelligence? yes... that could be useful. a good friend once said, "reading is sexy." i agree. although i cannot say i enjoy reading myself, i do agree that reading expands your vocabulary which makes conversations intellectual and therefore sexy.
grace? what is grace? poise, loveliness, elegance. grace is definitely a choice. choose not to swear. choose not to gossip. choose poise, loveliness and elegance.
style? whats the first thing you note about a person walking down the street? is it her slumpy walk? or her happy personality? (ha, it depends how happy she is and how slumpy her walk is) but usually its her style. what she's wearing and how she wears it.

Is it her scarf in her hair...
or her big sun hat...
is it her large sunglasses that make this woman classy?

indeed my friends, it is in fact the combination of intelligence, grace and style that make women today classy like yesterday.

Friday, August 7, 2009

adventures every day

after work today ashley asked if i wanted to go get dinner with her. i said yes. we decided frogurt sounded better than dinner. then we wanted to stop at downeast. downeast had nothing. so we then decided to go next door to tj maxx. tj maxx had a delightful clear bowl. perfect for a fish. i then decided to buy the bowl and now i needed a fish. we went to walmart and found a beta fish and he is beautiful. bought the fish. but it needed pebbles. we then went to the dollar store and bought pebbles. if you give a mouse a cookie... my fishes name is Lucifer Merlyn.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


i am slightly embarrassed to say this but i believe in horoscopes. they are right EVERY time so why wouldn't i believe it? it would be like if i saw santa clause EVERY year! of course i'll believe he's real. alas tis not the case. horoscopes on the other hand!! i'll believe that! here is a perfect example... i have not looked mine up for today but i can GUARANTEE it will be exactly parallel to my life. the most accurate way to find your horoscope is simply texting Cha Cha (text 242-242 for free answers to any question!) here is Cha Cha's answer for today: "A sudden expense can crop up and it can flummox you how something has slipped through your net. Don't beat yourself up." thanks Cha Cha! and thanks god of horoscopes! i will try not to feel flummoxed this week when something slips through my net!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i hate bloggers.

this is one thing i hate more than anything. doing something i dont want to do. sounds simple enough right? RIGHT! why am i blogging? so people can see my thoughts and feelings? so people i associate with everyday can see what i'm doing even though they can just ask me!? its so stupid and yet i conform every time. nevertheless here i go... blogging away. i love you, you little blogger you.